Welcome to the quantum software website of QLatvia!

We are part of QWorld and taking active roles in all QWorld channels.

Quantum cousins’ newest global project under QWorld. Click here for more information.

We, as QLatvia Software, organize academic and public events to learn, to teach, and to popularize quantum technologies and quantum software.

Our primary focus is education for years 2019 and 2020, which we call as “seeding period”. We have different educational activities and projects for the seeding period.

Please check our own and collaborative projects and our pages for the details:

  • QWorld: A global network of individuals, groups, and communities collaborating on education and implementation of quantum technologies and research activities.
    • QCousins: Operational groups all around the world willing to popularize quantum technologies and quantum software and to involve more people to the field by working locally and/or internationally. 
    • QKitchen: Our public repository for developing and sharing our educational projects, our code, and similar materials. It is open to individuals and groups. 
    • QWomen is the QWorld’s channel to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.
    • QJunior is the QWorld’s channel to invite and involve young generations.
  • Workshops: The list of our public workshops on the introduction to quantum computing and programming.
  • QDrive: Our spring and summer project in 2019. We traveled by our car to various venues and taught the basics of quantum programming and quantum computation by doing there-day workshops.
  • QSemester: An academic semester for introduction to quantum software by focusing on both theory courses and practical implementations.
  • Teaching
  • Learning

QLatvia refers to the researchers and students working in or involved with the Center for Quantum Computer Science (directed by Prof. Andris Ambainis), Faculty of Computing, University of Latvia.