We are looking for “Quantum” Hosts who are willing to organize our workshops.

We offer 3-day long workshops.

We use our introductory material called Bronze+. Please check Workshop Outline page for the details.

Organization schema for QHost

We and QHost schedule the dates together.

The following part is prepared to outline our expectations regarding support from QHost.


  1. QHost determines the number of the participants. We suggest that it should be between 20 and 30.
  2. The workshop must be free of charge for all participants.
  3. QHost arranges a venue for the workshop, which has a projector and a board. While participants are expected to bring their own laptops with them, we would appreciate it indeed if there were at least five computers available on the spot.
  4. It is optional for QHost to provide lunch for the participants. If the lunch is not offered, we expect that there are some eating places close by so that participant would not spend extra time on lunch breaks.
  5. QHost offers tea/coffee and perhaps some cookies during the whole workshop.
  6. QHost provides free WI-FI during the workshop.

B. application

  1. QHost prepares an application form such as Google forms and shares the responses with us. We will share some templates with QHost to facilitate that.
  2. QHost announces and advertises the event. The logos that we will provide should be on the announcements; we will also share some templates for the poster.
  3. We expect that QHost will especially encourage applications from women and people coming disadvantaged groups.
  4. QHost selects the participants and shares the list with us. QHost may select additional five to ten people among women and disadvantaged groups to make the pool of participants more diverse.

C. Workshop

  1. QHost provides us with local information regarding the event and its venue before and during the workshop.
  2. QHost represents itself during the whole workshop and makes every attempt to ensure that the workshop runs smoothly.

D. Diploma

Traditionally, we award a diploma to every participant who has completed the workshop.

  1. We design a diploma, preferably in color, together with QHost.
  2. QHost prints diplomas, preferably in color, on A4-size thick paper.
  3. The name of each participant is written on a diploma, which is signed by QHost and us.
  4. QHost and we issue diplomas at the end of the workshop.