Education is our primary focus.

We have been preparing introductory and elementary materials on quantum programming and quantum computation.


Our first material is called bronze (click for the details). It is a collection of Jupyter notebooks using qiskit library to introduce the basics of quantum computation and quantum programming.

We organize two-day or three-day workshops using our bronze.


We have completed three workshops with two-day long in 2018. In 2019, we have completed one workshop with three-day long, and there are nine upcoming workshops of project QDrive.

See Workshops section for more details.

Quantum Drive

We are ambitious to introduce the basics of quantum computation and quantum programming to broad audience. For this purpose, we designed the project QDrive (Quantum Drive) for Spring and Summer 2019.

Quantum machine learning

We have also been preparing materials for quantum machine learning. Please see Learning section for the details.

Quantum Semester

QSemester is our Spring 2020 project for Erasmus+ exchange students and our local students. We plan to offer a set of courses (around 40 ECTS credits) in English.

As we have been entering Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) era, we will focus on not only theory courses but also practical implementations. Our project is an initial step for educating the quantum software developers and designers. Please see QSemester section for the details.