Please check our global project “Entangling QCousins” if you are interested in being a quantum cousin!

Quantum cousins (QCousins) are operational groups all around the world willing to popularize quantum technologies and quantum software and to involve more people to the field by working locally and/or internationally. 

At the moment, we have three keywords:

  1. Supranational (engaging every country)
  2. Diversity (i.e., engaging more women and, more generally, people from disadvantaged groups)
  3. Juniors (engaging young generations, e.g., starting from high schools)

Each QCousin is expected to agree with 

  1. [three public-education challenges] completing three workshops or similar activities (one generic and two targeted, for example, one for high-school students and one women-exclusive,) on the basics of quantum computing and programming as a part of public education activities within 18 months, and 
  2. [one academic-education challenge] implementing a quantum semester or at least a 2 week-long school as a part of academic activities within 36 months.

All workshops should be free to all participants, and the quantum semester or the school should be a non-profit activity.

QLatvia has already completed the three public-education challenges, and has already developed a material called Bronze, for three-day workshops, which is open source and free by July 2019. QLatvia also plans to implement a quantum semester (as the academic education challenge) in Spring 2020, the materials of which will be publicly available for further use. 

Over time, QCousins formulate and implement new challenges and then encourage others to do so.

The idea behind “being cousins” is to create active groups on a global scale, who can support and encourage each other, even though they may operate only locally.

Current QCousins