Quantum Kitchen (QKitchen) is a public repository for developing and sharing our educational materials, codes, etc. It is open to individuals, as well. 


Each group and individual can keep their projects private up to a moment, but it should be public at the end. 

The rules of each project is determined by the owner(s)/maintainer(s)/community of the project.

Please write quantumrepo [at] gmail.com if you are interested in using qkitchen for your project(s).

At the moment, we have two projects:



This public repo at the moment has material called Bronze, a collection of Jupyter notebooks using Python as the programming language and qiskit library for writing quantum programs. Please check section Bronze for the details.

Maintainers: Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (abuzer [at] lu.lv) and Maksims Dimitrijevs (md09032 [at] lu.lv)

We plan to add materials called Silver and Gold over the time.

2) QPOOL2019

We initiated this public repo by September 2019. Please check the details by visiting the following link.


The aim of QPool2019 is to collaboratively prepare educational materials for quantum semester and for possible summer/winter schools on quantum software and quantum technologies.

Depending on the success of this pool, we may repeat one or more pools in each year.

Maintainers: Adam Glos (aglos [at] iitis.pl) and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (abuzer [at] lu.lv)